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[Articles] Angles of Hillslopes Made of Mudstone in the Southern Part of Okinawa IslandMaekado, Akira; University of the Ryukyus1986/9/30
[Articles] Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of the Limestones in Okinawa IslandMaekado, Akira; 前門, 晃; University of the Ryukyus; 琉球大学教養部1989/3/31
Optimal Spatial Data Transmission for Mobile Terminals based on Object Oriented Geographical Information SystemsMIYAGI, Shohei; NAKAMURA, Morikazu; 宮城, 尚平; 名嘉村, 盛和; University of the Ryukyus; 琉球大学工学部情報工学科31-Mar-2002
[資料] 沖縄県海外協会機関誌『南鵬』『雄飛』の発刊・継続とその内容の考察 (4)石川, 友紀; Ishikawa, Tomonori; 琉球大学; University of the Ryukyus28-Jun-2019

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