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[原著]コルポスコピーによる子宮頸癌初期病変の診断東, 政弘; 竹中, 静広; 有村, 徹; 永山, 孝; 仲地, 広順; 野原, 雄介; Higashi, Masahiro; Takenaka, Shizuhiro; Arimura, Toru; Nagayama, Takashi; Nakachi, Hiromasa; Nohra, Yusuke; 琉球大学保健学部産婦人科; 琉球大学保健学部中央検査科1978
[原著]Clinical Efficiency of Combined Therapy of Bleomycm and Oxygen in Uterine CancerTakenaka,Shizuhiro; Arimura, Touru; Higashi, Masahiro; Nagayama, Takashi; Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College of Health Sciences, University of the Ryukyus1980

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