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Title :看護基礎教育における在宅ケア論講義と実習の展開(1)
Title alternative :Development of Home Nursing Practice in Basic Nursing Education
Authors :比嘉, 憲枝
吉川, 千恵子
仲本, 優子
糸数, 仁美
大宜見, 恵
Authors alternative :Higa, Norie
Yoshikawa, Chieko
Nakamoto, Yuko
Itokazu, Hitomi
Ohgimi, Megumi
Authors affiliation :名桜大学人間健康学部看護学科
Meio University of Nursing
Issue Date :Jul-2011
Publisher :名桜大学
Type Local :紀要論文
Type (NII) :Departmental Bulletin Paper
ISSN :1882-4412
Abstract :在宅看護論は1997年の改正カリキュラムにおいて新たに科目化された。本学科は3年生前期に在宅ケア論の講義および演習、後期に在宅ケア実習を行った。在宅ケア論では講義・演習を通して、在宅で長期にわたってヘルスケアとサービスを必要とする対象とその家族に対し、在宅ケアにおける看護過程、基礎看護技術及び疾患に対する援助技術について学習する。演習では8事例の看護過程演習を行った。在宅ケア実習は3年次後期に北部地区2ヶ所と中部地区3ヶ所の合計5ヶ所の訪問看護ステーション・事業所で実施した。学生は実習開始前に講義・演習での学びを振り返り、実習で学びたいことを明確にして実習に臨んだ。講義・演習で得た在宅療養のイメージを再確認することは、実習での実体験と比較して考察する基礎となり、在宅療養および在宅看護のイメージをより強く確立することができた。学生は訪問看護師と高齢者世帯や多くのサービスで在宅療養を支えている事例への同伴訪問を通して、在宅療養の実際や訪問看護師の役割および関係職種と連携、継続看護について学んだ。
The educational content of the Home Care Nursing course was enriched by a revised curriculum that went into effect in 1997. Our department offered the lecture and practice of Home Health Care in the first semester and Home Care Practice in the second semester for third-year students. In the class of Home Health Care students learn for the theory and practice of nursing process in home health care. basic nursing skills, and disease prevention techniques those who need lengthy home health care and their family members. In this class they also put 8 examples of nursing process in practice. Home Care Practice was conducted in a total of five home-visit nursing stations and offices (two in the north area and three in the central area), in the second semester for third-year students. Before participating in practical training students were asked to review what they had learned in the class of Home Health Care to clarify what they wanted to learn in care practice. Reaffirming the image of home care they had acquired through these lectures and practice sessions was useful for then comparing with what they learned through the real experience they had in home-visit nursing stations. Students learned the reality of home care, the role of visiting nurses and ways of cooperating with other professions, and experienced continuous nursing by going with visiting nurses to the places that support home care in elderly households.
Rights :名桜大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/8999
Citation :名桜大学紀要 = THE MEIO UNIVERSITY BULLETIN no.16 p.299 -313
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