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Title :[原著]婦人科悪性腫瘍における腫瘍マーカー測定の臨床的意義
Title alternative :Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA), $ \beta $_2-Microglobulin, and Ferritin in Gynecological Cancer Patients
Authors :比嘉, 裕昭
竹中, 静廣
金城, 忠雄
砂川, 勝美
Authors alternative :Higa, Hiroaki
Takenaka, Shizuhiro
Kinjo, Tadao
Sunagawa, Katsumi
Authors affiliation :琉球大学医学部保健学科母子保健学
Issue Date :1982
Publisher :琉球大学医学部
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :0285-9270
Abstract :Circulating carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) levels were measured by radioimmunoassay in 226 patients with various gynecological disorders. The serum CEA levels were elevated (greater than 2.5ng/ml)in 18.4% patients with uterine cervical carcinoma,25.0% with carcinoma corporis,33.3% with ovarian carcinoma, 16.7% with ovarian tumors except carcinoma, and 50.0% with vulvar carcinoma. CEA levels in patient with cervical carcinoma were increased with advancing stage, and decreased following surgical excision, irradiation and anticancer drug administration. $ \beta $_2 - microglobulin and ferntin levels were also increased with advancing stage, but they often remined the same or slightly higher levels following treatment. The incidences of positive values in patients with clinical recurrences and metastases were as follows, CEA:92.9%, $ \beta $_2 - microglobulin:25.0%, and ferritin:20.0%. CEA levels were markedly raised (often greater than 20 ng/ml) in cases of recurrences and metastases, and in those cases, prognoses were poor. In approximately 26% of persistently elevated CEA cases ( greater than 2.5 ng/ml ), clinical recurrences and metastases were recognized, and approxiamately 26% of persistently elevated CEA cases were dead. It would be concluded that serum CEA measurements would be useful for monitoring the effects of treatment, and for predicting clinical recurrences, metastases and prognoses.
Rights :琉球医学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/4142
Citation :琉球大学保健学医学雑誌=Ryukyu University Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine Vol.5 no.2 p.122 -132
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