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Title :[症例報告]病理組織診断にて乳癌との鑑別が問題となった乳腺線維腺腫の1例 : 症例呈示と文献的考察
Title alternative :Difficulty in Differentiating Breast Fibroadenoma from Carcinoma : A Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors :我喜屋, 亮
山下, 雅知
大城, 直人
慶田, 喜信
比嘉, 司
当山, 勝徳
武島, 正則
平安山, 英義
仲間, 健
新垣, 京子
Authors alternative :Gakiya, Akira
Yamashita, Masatomo
Ohshiro, Naoto
Keida, Yoshinobu
Higa, Tsukasa
Touyama, Katsunori
Takeshima, Masanori
Henzan, Hideyoshi
Nakama, Ken
Arakaki, Kyoko
Authors affiliation :与勝病院外科
Issue Date :1993
Publisher :琉球医学会
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :1346888X
Abstract :Fibroadenoma is a commonly found benign tumor of the breast; however carcinoma in a fibroadenoma is rarely encountered. In this paper we described a case of fibroadenoma difficult to differentiate from carcinoma. A 17-year-old woman visited our hospital complaining of a left breast lump. Ultrasonography showed a well-defined and hypoechoic ovoid mass. Excisional biopsy was done and diagnosed as fibroadenoma; however it was difficult to differentiate histologically from carcinoma. The features of fibroadenoma have been greatly changed by the transition of the hormonal environments in Japanese women.
Rights :琉球医学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/3125
Citation :琉球医学会誌 = Ryukyu Medical Journal Vol.13 no.2 p.221 -224
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