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Title :[症例報告]胸腔内迷走神経由来の神経鞘腫の1治験例
Title alternative :A Case of Mediastinal Schwannoma Originating in the Intrathoracic Vagus Nerve
Authors :玉木, 正人
下地, 光好
久貝, 忠男
大田, 治
佐久田, 斉
川畑, 勉
鎌田, 義彦
宮城, 和史
赤崎, 満
大嶺, 靖
伊波, 潔
国吉, 幸男
古謝, 景春
草場, 昭
Authors alternative :Tamaki, Masato
Shimoji, Mituyoshi
Kugai, Tadao
Ohta, Osamu
Sakuda, Satoshi
Kawabata, Tsutomu
Kamada, Yoshihiko
Miyagi, Kazufumi
Akasaki, Mitsuru
Ohmine, Yasushi
Iha, Kiyoshi
Kuniyoshi, Yukio
Koja, Kageharu
Kusaba, Akira
Authors affiliation :琉球大学医学部外科学第二講座
Issue Date :1993
Publisher :琉球医学会
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :1346888X
Abstract :A case of schwannoma originating in the right intrathoracic vagus nerve was reported. A 72-yearold woman had an abnormal shadow in the right upper mediastinum on a chest roentgenogram. A CT scan and MRI revealed a tumor in the upper mediastinum compressing the trachea, right carotid artery and right subclavian artery. An incisional biopsyof the mass in the right neck was revealed to be benign schwannoma. The mass was 55 ×42×29mm in size and originated from the right vagusnerve at the proximal level and extended to the branch of the recur-rent laryngeal nerve. There was no evidence of invasion of the mass into the surrounding organsand tissues were evident. Subcapsular ex tirpation was done preserving the nerve fibers. However, postoperative hoarseness due to dysfunction of the recurrent laryngeal nerve occurred. Mediastinal schwannoma originating in the vagus nerve is notso common ; 29 cases have been reported in Japanese literature.
Rights :琉球医学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/3115
Citation :琉球医学会誌 = Ryukyu Medical Journal Vol.13 no.3 p.321 -327
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