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Title :ピタヤの開花調節技術の開発 : 第5報.冬春期の暗期中断と気温がピタヤの開花に及ぼす影響
Title alternative :Regulation of flowering on Pitaya (Hylocereus spp). : 4. Effect of Temperatures and Night Break on the Flowering of Pitaya During Winter and Spring.
Authors :松田, 昇
山城, 清香
松村, まさと
伊地, 良太郎
Authors alternative :Matsuda, Noboru
Yamashiro, Sayaka
Matsumura, Masato
Ichi, Ryotarou
Authors affiliation :沖縄県農業研究センター
Issue Date :10-Feb-2017
Publisher :沖縄農業研究会
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :1344-1477
Abstract :ピタヤの冬春期の開花を促進するため,暗期中断と気温が開花に及ぼす影響を検討した.最低気温が16℃以下で推移する2月に加温暗期中断と保温暗期中断および無処理で検討したところ,最低気温20℃から23℃で暗期中断を行う加温暗期中断は処理開始から発蕾までの期間が短縮され,発蕾,開花および収穫が早くなった.果実特性は処理間に差が認められなかった.また,最低気温が20℃前後で推移する3月に保温暗期中断区,暗期中断区および無処理区で検討したところ,保温暗期中断区と暗期中断区で処理開始から発蕾まで期間が短縮され,発蕾および開花が早くなった.以上の結果から,加温暗期中断は冬期の開花促進,保温暗期中断と暗期中断は春期の開花促進に有用な方法であることが明らかになった.
In order to promote flowering during the off-season, the effects of night break and temperature treatment on Red pitaya (Hylocerius spp) were investigated. Investigation was made in February when temperatures remained below 16℃ under these following conditions with heating and night break, insulation and night break, and no treatment. When the plastic greenhouse was heated at a minimum temperature of 20℃ to 23℃ during the night break treatment, the time period from treatment to budding was shortened, therefore the periods for budding, flowering an harvesting were accelerated. No differences were shown in fruit quality between these treatment conditions. Investigations were also made in March when temperatures sustained at around 20℃,under these conditions; with insulation and night break treatment alone accelerated budding and flowering and shortened the time until budding after treatment. These results suggest that the heating and night break treatment is effective for decreasing the number of days until flowering in winter, and the insulation and night break as well as the night break treatment alone, are effective for decreasing the number of days until flowering in spring.
Rights :沖縄農業研究会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/23750
Citation :沖縄農業 Vol.48 no.1 p.3 -13
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