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Title :[症例報告]クラミジア頚管炎の2例 : その細胞診所見
Title alternative :Chlamydia Cervicitis : Report of Two Cases with Its Cytological Features
Authors :武藤, 良弘
又吉, 彦太
長嶺, 留美子
山城, 竹信
嶺井, ミツ
Authors alternative :Muto, Yoshihiro
Matayoshi, Yoshitake
Nagamine, Rumiko
Yamashiro, Takenobu
Minei, Mitsu
Authors affiliation :琉球大学医学部医学科外科学第1教室
Issue Date :1984
Publisher :琉球大学医学部
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :0289-1530
Abstract :Much attention has recently been paid to Chlamydia infection of the genitourinary tract, and many reports on this subject have been documented in America and Europe. However, there were a few reported cases in Japan, especially diagnosed by cytological examination. The rarity of Chlamydia infection has prompted us to describe two cases of Chlamydia cervicitis, observed in the routine screening cytology of the cervical smears for cancer detection. Case 1, a 53 year-old female was asymptomatic. In the cervical smears some inflammatory cells and well-preserved epithelial cells were found. Chlamydia infected cells occurred singly or in small groups of metaplastic or columnar cells. These cells had distinct outlines with cyanophilic and rarely acidophilic cytoplasms. The cytoplasm contained finely granular, uniformly sized, generally acidophilic or cyanophilic coccoid bodies. The majority of the infected cells also contained central basophilic condensation or a diffuse, uniformly staining acidophilic condensation (chromatoid or Chlamydia particles) with a clear zone around them. Case 2, a 64 year-old female was also asymptomatic. The cervical smears taken for cancer detection of the uterine cervix revealed the characteristic features similar to those of case 1. However, there were more inflammation and the infected cells were found in a single cell of metaplastic or parabasal cell. The intracytoplasmic inclusions are characteristic of Chlamydia infection and helpful in its cytodiagnosis. To prevent the spread of the disease, even in a routine screening cytology of the cervical smear, these characteristic cells should not be overlooked.
Rights :琉球医学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/2372
Citation :琉球大学医学会雑誌 : 医学部紀要 = Ryukyu medical journal Vol.7 no.4 p.202 -208
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