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Title :[症例報告]CT誘導定位的生検でastrocytomaと診断した1症例
Title alternative :Diagnosis of Deep-seated Astrocytoma by CT-guided Stereotaxic Biopsy
Authors :伊藤, 壱裕
六川, 二郎
高良, 英一
金城, 利彦
久田, 均
石川, 泰成
Authors alternative :Ito, Kazuhiro
Mukawa, Jiro
Takara, Eiichi
Kinjo, Toshihiko
Kuda, Hitoshi
IShikawa, Yasunari
Authors affiliation :琉球大学医学部脳神経外科
Issue Date :1991
Publisher :琉球大学医学部
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :0289-1530
Abstract :The case of an 11-year-old boy with astrocytoma diagnosed by stereotaxic biopsy is presented. He visited our outpatient clinic because of right hemiparesis. CT scan showed a calcified mass (8×11×lOmm) at the left globus pallidus without mass effect. Arlgiogram reveaIed no abnormal findings, Two years later, CT scan revealed enlargement of the calcified mass (11×11×15mm) and enhancement effect around the basal ganglia. In MRI, a conglomerate of low intensity by T_1-weighted imaging and of high intensity by T_2-weighted imaging was shown. Under suspicion of deep-seated brain tumor, stereotaxic biopsy was performed. Five pieces of specimen(1×2mm) were taken out of the caudate nucleus and putamen by a fine spiral needle and evaluated histologically. Diagnosis was made as astrocytoma gradeII. For such a deep tumor in the cerebral hemispheric or basal ganglion, a biopsy can be safely taken with a needle using a CT-guided stereotaxic technique.
Rights :琉球医学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/2287
Citation :琉球大学医学会雑誌 : 医学部紀要 = Ryukyu medical journal Vol.11 no.3-4 p.172 -175
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