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Title :NICU入院中の乳児をもつ母親の医療的ケア提供者としての退院準備 : 決意と自信に影響を与えた重要他者との相互作用
Title alternative :Discharge preparation for mothers who provide medical care to their infants hospitalized in the NICU : Interaction with significant others who influenced their determination and confidence
Authors :堤, 梨那 
前田, 和子
Authors alternative :Tsutsumi, Rina
Maeda, Kazuko
Authors affiliation :元沖縄県立看護大学大学院
Former Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing Graduate School
Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing Graduate School
Issue Date :Mar-2015
Publisher :沖縄県立看護大学
Type Local :紀要論文
Type (NII) :Departmental Bulletin Paper
ISSN :1345-5133
Abstract :【目的】NICUにおける母親の退院準備のための看護支援に活かすために、NICU入院中の乳児をもつ母親が、誰との、 どのような相互作用の中で、退院後に家庭で医療的ケアの担い手として役割を果たせるように準備していったかを記 述することであった。 【方法】A病院NICUに入院中で退院後も日常的に医療的ケアが必要な乳児の母親5名を対象に、退院移行期中にそれ ぞれ2~3 回、総計13回の半構造化面接を行った。 【結果】母親が医療的ケア提供者として役割を果たす「決意」と「自信」は、医師、看護師などの医療従事者、そして 子ども、夫、家族に加えて同じ経験をしているピア(入院児の母親仲間)など重要他者との多岐にわたるさまざまな 相互作用によって、影響を受けていた。「決意」には医師が最も関係し、次いで看護師もかなり寄与していた。他方 「自信」の強化には圧倒的に看護師の関わりが寄与しており、総じて、看護師の役割の大きさが明らかになった。看護 師との相互作用は、【子どもの状態・治療についての説明】【親子の尊重】【活発なコミュニケーション】【日常的ケア 場面での傾聴・助言】【学習への動機づけ】【効果的な指導】など12に分類でき、看護師の基本的態度やケア技術指導 場面での関わりが多く語られた。 【結論】母親らの退院準備を支援する上で看護師は重要な役割を果たしていた。看護支援として、母親のレディネスの アセスメント、母親を巻き込んだ退院計画の立案、計画的な予期的退院指導、統一したケア技術指導、母親とその家 族を含めたチームアプローチなど総合的支援の必要性が示唆された。
Rights :沖縄県立看護大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/21371
Comment :【Objective】To describe how mothers with hospitalized infants in the NICU interacted with significant others and prepared themselves to play a role as medical care providers at home after discharge; and to utilize it for nursing care support in the NICU for mothers to prepare for discharge. 【Method】Two to three respective semi-structured interviews were conducted during the transition period for discharge to five mothers of infants who were hospitalized in the NICU of Hospital A and needed daily medical care after discharge. 【Results】 "Determination" and "confidence" for a mother to play a role as a medical care provider was influenced in a wide variety of interaction with significant others including peers who have the same experiences (mothers' group of hospitalized children) in addition to medical professionals such as physicians and nurses, their children, husband, and family. Physicians had the most association with "determination" followed by nurses who also had considerable association. On the other hand, interactions with nurses overwhelmingly contributed to strengthening of "confidence," clarifying the significance of nurses' roles in general. Interactions with nurses were categorized into 12, including "explanation on child's condition and treatment," "respect to parent and child," "active communication," "attentive hearing and advice in daily care scenes," "motivation to learning," "effective guidance," etc., and fundamental attitude as a nurse as well as involvement in guidance on care techniques was frequently told. 【Conclusion】 Nurses played an important role in supporting mothers to prepare for discharge. The need of comprehensive support for them was indicated as nursing car e support, including assessment of mothers' readiness, discharge planning with mothers, systematic anticipatory discharge guidance, uniform guidance on care techniques, and team approach including mothers and their family.
Citation :沖縄県立看護大学紀要 = Journal of Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing no.16 p.33 -47
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