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Title :ピタヤの開花調節技術の開発 : 第2報. 電照栽培の実態と電照効果
Title alternative :Regulation of flowering on Pitaya (Hylocereus spp.). : 2. The actual conditions and effects of the electric lighting.
Authors :松田, 昇
山城, 清香
松村, まさと
伊地, 良太郎
Authors alternative :MATSUDA, Noboru
ICHI, Ryotarou
Authors affiliation :沖縄県立農業大学校
Issue Date :Jun-2013
Publisher :沖縄農業研究会
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :1344-1477
Abstract :沖縄県におけるピタヤの電照栽培の実態を明らかにするため,ピタヤの電照栽培生産者を対象に聞き取り調査を実施するとともに,電照が開花性に及ぼす影響について調査した.実際栽培で行われている電照の方法は,生産者によって,電球設置間隔や高さおよび電照時間に違いがあった.白熱球を用いた電照区の発蕾枝率は,無処理区に比べ有意に高かった.照度は電球直下部で高く中間部で低かった.また,電球間の距離が広いと低くなった.発蕾枝率は照度が強い地点で有意に高かった.9月24日電照開始区の発雷開始日と開花開始日は,10月1日開始区に比べ早かった.結果なし区の発蕾枝率は,有り区に比較し高い傾向にあった.枝の傾きによる発蕾枝率は,差が認められなかった.以上の結果,生産者によって電照法に違いあるものの,白熱球を使用した電照はピタヤの開花性を向上させる効果があることが明らかになった.
We interviewed light culture growers and researched the effects on anthesis under the lights, in order to clarify the actual use of lights for culturing Pitaya (Hylocereus spp.) in Okinawa. Those growers use different methods. Intervals, heights and illumination time of electric bulbs vary depending on growers. Under incandescent light bulbs, the frequency of budding branch was significantly higher compared to traditional culture. Illuminance was high at right under the bulbs but became low in between bulbs. In addition, the wider the interval of bulbs, the illuminance became lower. The frequency became significantly high at the high illuminance points. Starting date of budding and flowering on the field where light culture was started on September 24 arrived sooner than those on the field where light culture was started on October 1. The frequency tended to be higher at non-result area comparing to it at areas where some results were found. The frequency was still same for leaning branches. With the above results, we conclude that the light culture with incandescent light bulbs has the positive effect to improve anthesis of Pitaya although methods of light culture vary depending on growers.
Rights :沖縄農業研究会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/17741
Citation :沖縄農業 Vol.46 no.1 p.3 -10
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