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Title :ピタヤの開花調節技術の開発 第1報. 開花習性と結果習性
Title alternative :Regulation of flowering on Pitaya(Hylocereus spp). 1.Flowering and Bearing Behavior
Authors :松田, 昇
島袋, 清香
松村, まさと
伊地, 良太郎
Authors alternative :MATSUDA, Noboru
ICHI, Ryotarou
Authors affiliation :沖縄県農林水産部園芸振興課
Issue Date :Aug-2011
Publisher :沖縄農業研究会
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :1344-1477
Abstract :沖縄県のピタヤ栽培における開花習性と結果習性を明らかにするため,蕾の発育,開花の推移,花の着生分布,果実の成長,花弁の開閉程度別の人工受粉が結果に及ぼす影響について検討した.花芽は枝の刺座に形成された.蕾の発育と果実の成長はS字型成長曲線を示した発蕾,開花および収穫の開始時期に年次間差があり,4月から5月の気温が高いと発蕾が早くなった.また,白肉系と赤肉系に差が認められた.花は夕方から開花し翌日の昼には閉じた開花の波は数回起こった.開花は2006年で毎月下旬に開花割合が高く,特に7月8月は高かった.2007年は開花のバラツキが大きかった.発蕾から開花までの所用日数は19-21日,開花から収穫までは31-40日を要した.6月,7月の開花枝は,高温と長日条件下で再び開花した.花弁の開閉程度別に人工受粉した結果率は,花弁の開き始めから閉じるまで高く,開花翌日の午前中が受粉作業の能率化,安全化に有効であると考えられた.
In order to clarify flowering and bearing behavior of the Pitaya ( Hylocereus spp) in Okinawa, we studied the effect of hand pollination at different flowering stages, development of flower buds and fruit, distribution of flowering and waves of flowering. The tree produced flower buds on the aerioles of part of a branch. Development curves were single sigmoid models of flower buds and fruits. The beginning of flower budding, flowering, and harvest varied by year. When the temperature from April to May was high, the flowers began budding earlier. In addition, differences in the beginning of flower budding, flowering, and harvest were observed among varieties. Flowers opened in the evening and closed in the daytime of the next day. Flowering was occurred in several waves during summer. Flowering in 2006 was high in end of every month during the flowering period. In particular, higher in July and August. Flowering in 2007 was greater variability. 19 to 21 days were required from budding to flowering and 31 to 40 days were required from flowering to harvest. A branch that flowering in June and July flowered again depending on the high temperature and the length of day. The highest fruit set was obtained between flower opening and evening of the following day. The best pollination time was thought to be the day after flowering and during the morning of flowering. This timing reduced labor in pollination work.
Rights :沖縄農業研究会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/17361
Citation :沖縄農業 Vol.45 no.1 p.3 -15
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