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Title :集中脱葉施設導入後の地力維持とサトウキビ生産の関係
Title alternative :Relation between fertility of soil maintenance and sugarcane production after the intensive leaf-stripping facilities are introduced.
Authors :菊地, 香
比嘉, 利国
川満, 芳信
上野, 正実
平良, 英三
Authors alternative :Kikuchi, Koh
Higa, Toshikuni
Kawamitsu, Yoshinobu
Ueno, Masami
Taira, Eizou
Issue Date :Mar-2007
Publisher :沖縄農業研究会
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :1344-1477
Abstract :近年サトウキビ収穫量が減少している伊是名村は,大型集中脱葉施設が最初に導入されたところである.本稿の目的は施設の導入によってサトウキビ生産が受けた影響を明らかにすることである.さらにサトウキビ生産の向上させるために必要な条件を明らかにすることである.分析結果から伊是名村におけるサトウキビ生産量の向上に必要なことは,次の3点に整理した.第1に,農家は土地作りや資源循環型の農業の重要性が生産量増加に必要であることを十分に認識している.第2に,肥培管理の培土は十分に実施されている.しかし灌漑実施と深耕である深耕の実施率が低い.肥培管理は十分な実施に至っていない.肥培管理が十分でないため,単収は5t台である.第3に,集中脱葉施設の導入の結果,葉を剥ぐ作業が省略され高齢者においてもサトウキビ栽培の継続が十分可能となった.そして収穫面積は増加したが,収穫量は減少傾向にある.1993年の集中脱葉施設の導入後,収穫面積は増加しながらも収穫量は減少する結果から,単収は低下している.この状況から脱却するために必要なことは,まず集中脱葉施設導入以前と変わらない地力維持対策をとることである.
As for the Izena-son that was decreasing the amount of the sugarcane harvest in recent years, the large intensive leaf-stripping facilities were introduced first. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the influence that the sugarcane production received by introducing facilities. In addition, a condition necessary to improve to produce sugarcane is clarified. It was arranged to be necessary for the improvement in the sugarcane production quantity in the Izena village from result of analysis, for next 3 points. First, the farmer is recognizing that the importance of the agriculture of the improvement of soil and the resource circulation type is necessary for a production increase enough. Second, fertilization management molding is executed enough. However, the execution rate of the irrigation execution and deep plowing is low. The fertilization management has not come to the sufficient execution. The fertilization management is not enough, and the unit crop is 5t level. Third, the work which stripped the leaf as a result of the introduction of intensive leaf-stripping facilities was omitted, and the continuation of sugarcane farming became practicable in aged farmers. And, the amount of the harvest is in the decreasing tendency though the harvested area increased. From the result which the yield decreases, while the harvesting area increases after the introduction of intensive leaf-stripping facilities 1993, the unit crop lowers, First of all, a thing necessary to get rid of this situation is to take the fertility of soil maintenance measures just like before the intensive leaf-stripping facilities introduction.
Rights :沖縄農業研究会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/1510
Comment :通巻53号
Citation :沖縄農業 Vol.40 no.1 p.9 -17
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