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Title :琉球踊狂言
Title alternative :Ryūkyū odori kyōgen
Ryūkyūan dance dramas
Authors :村崎, 長昶(訳述)
豊好, 戞郎(訳述)
Authors alternative :Murasaki, Chōei
Toyoyoshi, Katsurō
Issue Date :1893
Type Local :その他
Type (NII) :Others
Abstract :村崎長昶・豊好戞郎訳述、村崎長昶発行、明治26(1893)年。訳者、発行者、印刷者ともに三重県在住。訳者が琉球で鑑賞した演劇(組踊)の脚本を大和口に訳して刊行したものである。姉妹敵討、手水の縁、護佐丸敵討、執心鐘入を収録する。付録として口説(くどぅち、七五調の長編の物語歌のこと)四編も収録する。阪巻・宝玲文庫は戦時下に「敵産図書」として処分の対象となり、昭和18(1943)年に慶応義塾大学が購入した。内題の慶應義塾図書館印はそのときのものである。詳しくは当サイト・トップページ「各資料について」の「阪巻/宝玲」紹介ページを参照下さい。
This is a book of play scripts of Ryukyuan kumiodori or kumiudui plays which Murasaki Chōei and Toyoyoshi Katsurō, both from Mie Prefecture, translated into Japanese. Later, it was published by Murasaki in 1893. It includes scripts of "Shimai Tekiuchi," "Temizu no En (Oki., Timiji nu Yin)," "Gosamaru Tekiuchi," and "Shūshin Kaneiri." It also includes the lyrics of four pieces of kuduchi, which is a type of extended narrative song with the 7 and 5 mora pattern greatly influenced by a fashion of Japanese waka poetry. The Hawley Collection was regarded as "enemy property" and became subject to confiscation during the wartime; therefore, Keio University purchased the works in 1943. The ownership stamp on the inner title page is from that time. For more information, please refer to "About Sakamaki/Hawley Collection" on the top page of this website (in Japanese, but there is a link to the English pages of University of Hawai'i Library).
Rights :University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/12845
URL :http://manwe.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/d-archive/viewer?&cd=00061570
Comment :HW589
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