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Title :八重山童謡集
Title alternative :Yaeyama dōyōshū
Collection of Yaeyama children's songs
Authors :岩崎, 卓爾(編)
Authors alternative :Iwasaki, Takuji
Issue Date :1912
Type Local :その他
Type (NII) :Others
Abstract :糸数原主人(岩崎卓爾)編、大正元(1912)年刊。活版。八重山の童謡の歌詞と訳を掲載する。校訂および序は伊波普猷による。昼のうたの部、夜のうたの部から構成される。 岩崎卓爾は明治2(1869)年宮城県生。明治31(1898)年中央気象台付属石垣島測候所勤務となり、昭和12(1937)年に世を去るまで八重山に在住した。気象観測に携わるかたわら、八重山の民俗風習の紹介も積極的に行い、学界に貴重な業績を残している。晩年は石垣島の人々から「天文屋(テンモンヤー)のウシュマイ(じいさん)」と呼ばれ親しまれた。
This is a letterpress printed book, edited by Iwasaki Takuji, also known as Itokazubaru Shujin, and published in 1912. It contains children songs collected in the Yaeyama region and also their lyrics and translations. It was revised by Iha Fuyū, who also wrote the preface. It consists of two parts: daytime songs and night time songs. Iwasaki was born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1869. He started working at the Ishigaki branch of the Central Meteorological Observatory on Ishigaki Island in 1898 and stayed there until he passed away in 1937. Besides his work at the weather observatory, he was diligent in his research on Yaeyama's customs and culture and often presented his valuable works at academic conferences. In his later years, he was affectionately called tenmon'ya nu ushumai (weather grandpa) by people of Ishigaki.
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