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Title :家宝教訓歌
Title alternative :Kahō kyōkunka
Heirloom didactic poems
Authors :崎間, 功(編)
Authors alternative :Sakima, Isao
Issue Date :1936
Publisher :親川文房堂
Type Local :その他
Type (NII) :Others
Abstract :崎間功編、親川文房堂、昭和11(1936)年。18頁。阪巻・宝玲文庫のみに現存が確認される稀覯本である。「家宝教訓歌」・「イロハ教訓歌」・「具志頭親方〔蔡温〕イロハ教訓歌」を収録する。修身斉家の要点を示した先人の教訓歌を収集し、家名発揚の参照とするために刊行したとのことである。扉題には「琉球中山王系/家宝教訓歌」とあり、琉球人の歌が収集されている。巻末に王統一覧がある。 教訓歌の一例を挙げれば、「(ネ)寝テモ忘レルナ手墨学問ヤ、我身加護サメル手綱トモテ」(安仁屋学者作、「イロハ教訓歌」)などである。
This was edited by Sakima Isao and published by Oyakawa Bunbōdō in 1936. 18 pages in total. It is a rare book which can be found only in the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection. It contains "Kahō Kyōkunka," "Iroha Kyōkunka," and "Gushichan Uēkata (Sai On) Iroha Kyōkunka." These are didactic verses and poems, composed by Ryukyuans and based on a thought of shūshin seika, meaning to do the right things for your life and for your family. For example, "Nitin washiriruna tishimi gakumunya, Wagami kagusamiru tazuna tumuti," ("We must not forget about studying even when we're sleeping, think of it as a rope that saves us"), by Scholar Aniya, included in "Iroha Kyōkunka." The collection was made for the purpose of instilling in people the notion of family pride. A list of the Ryukyu kings can be found at the end.
Rights :University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)
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URL :http://manwe.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/d-archive/viewer?&cd=00061330
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