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Title :雪堂燕遊艸
Title alternative :Setsudō enyūsō
Setsudō's notes while traveling in Yen
Authors :程, 寵文(順則)(編)
Authors alternative :Tei, Chōbun (J., Junsoku)
Issue Date :1714
Type Local :その他
Type (NII) :Others
Abstract :程寵文(順則)編の漢詩作品集である『雪堂燕遊艸』を、儒学者・漢詩人である京都奎文館の瀬尾源兵衛(維賢)が新刻したものである。正徳4(1714)年発行。
This is a printed copy of the Chinese poetry anthology Setsudō Enyūsō, written by Tei Chōbun (J., Junsoku). The copy was published in 1714. It was printed by Seo Genbei (also known as Seo Koretaka) of Keibunkan, Kyoto, who was a Confucian scholar and also a poet of Chinese verse.
Rights :University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/12802
URL :http://manwe.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/d-archive/viewer?&cd=00061130
Comment :HW543-1c-1
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