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Title :定西琉球物語 全
Title alternative :Jōsai Ryūkyū monogatari zen
Jōsai's tales of Ryūkyū, complete
Authors :朝倉(日下部), 景衡(写)
Authors alternative :Asakura (Kusakabe), Kagehira
Issue Date :1712
Type Local :その他
Type (NII) :Others
Abstract :朝倉(日下部)景衡による書写本。正徳2(1712)年出版。本書の内容は、定西という老法師から若年の頃に滞在した琉球の思い出を聞き書きしたもの。朝倉景衡は幕臣。有職家。新井白石は義兄にあたる。他に字は君采、通称孫右衛門、号は南山。
This book was handwritten by Asakura Kagehira (also known as Kusakabe Kagehira) and published in 1712. It is about an interview he had with an old Buddhist monk named Jōsai, who stayed in Ryukyu at a young age. Asakura Kagehira, the author, was a shogunal retainer and was also knowledgeable about government official rituals and their origins. Arai Hakuseki is his brother-in-law. His common name (tsūshō) was Magoemon, and his adulthood name (azana) was Kunsai. He also had the pen name (gō) of Nanzan.
Rights :University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/12801
URL :http://manwe.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/d-archive/viewer?&cd=00061120
Comment :HW542
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