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Title :沖縄志 一名 琉球志 五
Title alternative :Okinawa shi ichimei Ryūkyū shi go
A history and gazetteer of Okinawa, also known as "A history and gazetteer of Ryūkyū," vol.5 history
Authors :伊地知, 貞馨
Authors alternative :Ijichi, Sadaka
Issue Date :1877
Type Local :その他
Type (NII) :Others
Abstract :題簽『沖縄志 一名 琉球志 五』。『沖縄志』5巻組の第5巻。内容は「事蹟志 下」「附録」。
This is the fifth volume of Okinawa Shi (subtitle: Ryūkyū Shi). The last three volumes present a dynastic history of Ryukyu, according to Ryukyu: A Bibliographical Guide to Okinawan Studies, written by Shunzō Sakamaki in 1963.
Rights :University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/12795
URL :http://manwe.lib.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/d-archive/viewer?&cd=00061060
Comment :HW530c-2(5)
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