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Title :精神障害者への抵抗感の強い学生にとっての精神看護実習の経験
Title alternative :Psychiatric Nursing Practicum Experience for Nursing Students with Strong Negative Feelings toward People with Mental Disorders
Authors :鈴木, 啓子
平上, 久美子
伊礼, 優
Authors alternative :Suzuki, Keiko
Hirakami, Kumiko
Irei, Masaru
Authors affiliation :名桜大学人間健康学部看護学科
Issue Date :Mar-2013
Publisher :名桜大学
Type Local :紀要論文
Type (NII) :Departmental Bulletin Paper
ISSN :1882-4412
Abstract :本研究の目的は,精神障害者への抵抗感が強く精神看護実習に不安や恐怖感を抱いていた看護学生の実習中の経験を明らかにすることである。対象はA大学3年次生で研究への協力の同意が得られた3名とした。データ収集方法は,精神看護実習中の経験について半構造的面接を実施し,その内容を質的に分析した。対象者は幼少から実習開始までに【精神障害者から自身が強く脅かされる経験】をもち,さらに【精神障害者は危険であるという周囲からの情報】により,実習開始時には【精神障害者は危険で何をするかわからないという恐怖感】をもっていた。しかし【看護学生だから患者への恐怖感や不安を抱いてはいけない】という感情管理のもと教員や他の学生に表現できにくい傾向が見られた。語ることができない学生は,自身の恐怖感や不安を押し殺し実習を継続する傾向がみられ,語ることができた学生は精神障害者への共感的理解を深めることができていた。以上より,精神障害者への抵抗感の強い学生の実習初期における不安や恐怖感の表出を丁寧に扱う配慮が教員には求められることが示唆された。
The purpose of this study is to clarify the experience of nursing students with strong negative feelings toward people with mental disorders during their nursing practicum. The subjects were three female juniors in A university who agreed to cooperate with our study. We conducted semi-structured interviews to gather information about their perceptions toward the mentally ill, and their experiences during the psychiatric nursing practicum; then the transcribed data was analyzed qualitatively, Among the subjects, some had a “past experience of being strongly threatened by a person suffering from psychosis some time from their childhood up to the practicum start.” Furthermore, they had “heard that people suffering from psychosis are dangerous,” so that at the start of the nursing practicum, they felt “strong sense of fear that psychiatric patients are dangerous and might do terrible things to them.” However, it was found that, in some cases, it was hard for them to express these feelings to teachers or other students because of their concept of emotion management as “not to have fear and anxiety towards the patient because they were nursing students.” Students unable to express their real feelings had a tendency to continue the practicum suppressing their anxiety and fear, whereas students who were able to express their feelings, developed a deep empathy and understanding toward the mentally disabled. From the above, it was suggested that teachers have to give special care to students with strong negative feelings toward people with mental disorders to help them deal with their anxieties and fear in the initial phase of training.
Rights :名桜大学
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/12162
Citation :名桜大学紀要 = THE MEIO UNIVERSITY BULLETIN no.18 p.57 -76
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