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Title :沖縄教育における「文明化」と「大和化」 : 太田朝敷の「新沖縄」構想を手がかりとして
Title alternative :"Civilization" and "Japanization" of Okinawa Education : Through OOTA Chofu's Idea of "New Okinawa"
Authors :照屋, 信治
Authors alternative :TERUYA, Shinji
Authors affiliation :京都大学(院生)
Graduate Student, Kyoto University
Issue Date :31-Mar-2009
Publisher :日本教育学会
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
Type (NII) :Journal Article
ISSN :0387-3161
Abstract :従来、近代沖縄教育史研究は「皇民化教育」「同化教育」という用語で、近代沖縄教育の基本的性格を言い表し、明治国家の教育政策の抑圧性を批判する視座が支配的であった。そのような研究視座は、「同化教育」「皇民化教育」の抑圧性を強調するあまり、沖縄人の主体的営為への着眼が薄いという問題を抱えてきた。そこで、本稿では「嚔する事まで他府県の通りにする」と発言し「皇民化教育」「同化教育」の象徴的存在とされてきた新聞人・太田朝敷(1865-1938)の沖縄教育に関する思想や「新沖縄」の構想を再検討した。「同化」概念の多義性に留意しつつ、教育会を抗争の舞台ととらえることにより、太田が、「大和化」には回収されない「文明化」の回路を提示し、「沖縄人」意識の存立基盤を提供したことを明らかにした。
The purpose of this study is to find the alternative idea of Okinawa Education, through description of OOTA Chofu's idea about education for Okinawan People and the idea of 'New Okinawa'. This stdy challenges the generally accepted opinion on Okinawa Education in the modern era, the nature of which was said to be that of assimilation (kōminka). It is necessary to reconsider the idea of 'Assimilation' and the roll of the Education Association in this study. There are already several studies on Okinawa Education in the modern era. According to those studies, the nature of education in Okinawa was that of assimilation (kōminka) which forced Okinawan students to have the self-consciousness of Japanese and abandon that of Okinawans, and Okinawan teachers blindly played a crucial role in the assimilation of Okinawan into the Japanese, and the famous statement of OOTA was considered the symbol of assimilation, which ordered Okinawans to follow Japanese in all aspects of life, even the way to sneeze. OOTA was the most famous journalist and one of the most prestigious intellectuals in modern Okinawa and the editor in chief of the newspaper Ryukyu Shinpo (1893-1940). These studies, however, failed to carefully examine the journal Ryukyu Education (1895-1906), published by the Okinawa Private Education Association, which is one of the most important and fundamental historical documents for this study. In addition, these studies fail to understand the difference of Ryukyu Education and Ryukyu Shinpo. Exhaustive research of these media helps us to find the argument for Okinawa Education among Japanese teachers and OOTA. This paper reaches the following conclusion: Japanese teachers on the Ryukyu Education insisted that the assimilation of the Okinawans into the Japanese was the only way to make Okinawans civilized. On the other hand, OOTA Chofu represented the possibility of "Westernization", which caused him to have strong self-consciousness of the Okinawan unlike the claims of Japanese teachers in Ryukyu Education. It can be said that his idea was an alternative way for the modernization of Okinawa.
Rights :日本教育学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12001/10084
URL :http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110007230065
Citation :教育学研究 = The Japanese Journal of Educational Research Vol.76 no.1 p.1 -12
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