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Inoue, Hirotugu
Inoue, Kiyomi
Inoue, Matsuyo
Inoue, Norie
Inoue, Osamu
Inoue, Shimpei
Inoue, Sumire
Inoue, Taku
Inoue, Yoko
Insisiengmay, Sithat
Insisiengmay, sithat
Institure of Ryukyuan Culture,Okinawa International University(Part-time)
Institute for Biological Resources and Functions, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Systems, University of Tsukuba
Institute of Oishisa Science
Institute of Okinawa National College of Technology
Institute of Okinawa Studies, Hosei University
Integrated Arts and Science, Okinawa National College of Technology
Internal Medicine, Nakagami Hospital Department of Digestive and General Surgery
Internal Medicine, Okinawa Red cross Hospital
International Christian University